Servo technology is specially designed for energy saving, which has been a new energy-saving technology for achieving high efficiency, stability and energy saving in recent years. The Servo Energy Saving Plastic injection machine is the servo energy-saving technology. What is the difference between the injection molding machine and the previous energy-saving transformation? What are the benefits?

The benefits of servo energy-saving injection molding machine:

First, the servo energy-saving injection molding machine has an obvious advantage that it is energy-saving. Throughout the market, there are many ways to transform injection molding machines, but a single modification of the energy-saving Wang Fei injection molding machine servo transformation is none other than. This is because the injection molding machine is also the servo modification of the injection molding machine. It is an energy-saving transformation method for the injection molding machine motor. The power consumption of the injection molding machine motor accounts for 40%-80% of the power consumption of the entire injection molding machine. More efficient, the energy saving of the synchronous servo modification of the injection molding machine is 40%-80%, and the energy saving of the asynchronous servo transformation is lower.

Second, stability. The frequency conversion transformation of the injection molding machine can indeed achieve a certain degree of energy saving, but it is often at the cost of reducing the quality of the product. Such energy saving cannot be regarded as real energy saving. Synchronous servo modification of injection molding machine adopts double closed-loop control of flow and pressure, which can accurately control pressure and flow, so that the quality of injection molding machine is higher and more popular with Servo Injection Machine Factory.

Third, it can effectively reduce the oil temperature of the injection molding machine, which can reduce the use of cooling water and extend the life of some injection molding machine components.

In addition, the injection molding machine can change the servo to reduce the noise of the working environment, improve the comfort of the working environment and so on. 

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