The working process of injection molding machine is generally divided into several stages such as clamping, injection, melting, holding, cooling, mold opening and ejection. Each stage requires different pressure and flow, and the pressure and cooling are the power saving rate. Two stages. Why are the power saving effects of these two stages obvious? In the holding and cooling phase, the synchronous motor does not need high-flow operation during the running process, and reduces the working speed in the low-flow working phase. The actual energy consumption of the oil pump motor is reduced by 30%-60%, and the comprehensive power saving rate is about 80%. Therefore, the power saving effect of these two stages is obvious, and the power saving effect of the other stages is 20%-40%.
The part that consumes electricity from the injection molding machine is the hydraulic power part, which accounts for about 80% of the total electricity consumption. Therefore, the effective energy-saving method is the servo energy-saving transformation method.

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