Most of the plastic products in daily life are produced by injection molding machine. The injection molding of plastic products requires the use of molds, which means that the complete injection molding solution should be the injection molding machine + mold. This has some requirements for the Plastic injection machine and the matching mold. Today, Plastic Bottle Making Machine Suppliers will simply talk about the matching requirements of the injection molding machine and the injection mold.
Injection mold matching matters
1. The number of molds for injection molds is simple and popular. It is a pair of products that are injection molded at one time. There are 1 out, 1 out 4, 1 out 8, 1 out 16 and so on.
<1>, the amount of mold injection is generally related to the size of the mold, and the size of the mold is related to the mold clamping size of the injection molding machine, which needs to be matched when matching the size.
<2>, the number of injection molding is also limited by the size of the product.
2, the size of the injection mold, the size of the injection mold is actually related to the type of injection molding machine, in the injection molding machine is divided into vertical injection molding machine and horizontal injection molding machine,
<1> Vertical injection molding machine vertical clamping, so the size of the clamping system is not limited too much, so the size of the vertical injection molding machine is generally not too large, which is bound to the vertical injection molding machine can only be Do some injection molding products with smaller sizes.
<2> Horizontal injection molding machine Because the entire injection molding structure is horizontal, the size of the clamping system is not limited during the design, which provides sufficient space for the size of the mold during injection molding, so a larger plastic The injection molding machine has to use a horizontal machine.
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