In practice, there is no difference between the Plastic Injection Mould of vertical injection molding machine and the horizontal injection molding machine, but the vertical injection molding machine is often used in the occasion of embedded hardware beer plastic. At this time, horizontal hardware or other embedded parts are not well fixed. For example, power line plug mold, computer connector module and other commonly used vertical machines.
1. Introduction of vertical injection molding machine:
Vertical Injection Molding Machine Series: mainly for engineering plastics, products have strict precision requirements, precision or small embedded parts together with injection molding, is also one of the optimization of injection molding embedded parts. Because the machine has fixed upper die and lower die sliding function.
This is the most common type. The clamping part and the injection part are on the same horizontal center line, and the mould is opened along the horizontal direction. Its features are: short fuselage, easy operation and maintenance; low machine center of gravity, installation is more stable; the product can be ejected automatically by gravity, easy to achieve automatic operation. The disadvantage is: the mold installation is more troublesome, inserts published such as the mold has the possibility of tilting or falling, the machine tool covers a larger area. At present, the injection molding machine in the market mostly adopts this type.
Plastic injection mould