Nitrogen bottles are also called accumulators. It is inside the rubber bladder of the high pressure nitrogen bottle because the pressurized oil is filled with high pressure on the remaining space. Therefore, at the time of injection, the pressure oil will be released, which is a basic constant pressure instantaneous large-flow power source. Although this nitrogen bottle can only provide a large amount of instantaneous flow, it is sufficient for high-speed thin-wall injection. Therefore, the larger the nitrogen bottle, the more constant the pressure and the more pressure oil is stored.
High rigidity oil path of injection molding machine
Pressure oil is elastic and must be considered when accelerating for 0.05s. The large cylinder piston area and the short stroke of the oil pipe help to reduce the impact of elasticity. In addition, if the hard tube can replace the hose, the oil circuit
The rigidity can also be high.
Servo valve of injection molding machine
The response of the servo valve is faster than that of the general proportional valve, and it can exert maximum effect after filling the cavity and turning to the pressure holding stage. If the valve does not react well, it will overflow, so that the finished product will produce burrs.
Full closed loop control of injection molding machine
The servo valve is generally equipped with full-closed loop control to control the injection speed holding pressure and back pressure. If the variable related to the full closed-loop control supervision deviates from the set amount, the servo valve will be notified to make a correction. In short, full-closed control improves injection molding stability and reduces waste.
Plastic Injection Mould for injection molding machine
If it is the same as the template of the injection molding machine, the mold will use a thick template, which will reduce the deformation. In high-speed injection molding, it is necessary to pay attention to the exhaust, set up enough exhaust slots, use gas-permeable die steel and vacuum, etc., the ship is a feasible method.
The processing precision of the mold is very high, and the thickness of the circumference or the four walls is uniform, and the requirements of the multi-cavity mold are high. The mold body is provided with an ejection and blowing device, so that the finished product after demolding is accelerated to fall, and then the mold is immediately closed.
High Speed Injection Molding Machine