There is a bad phenomenon of overheating and discoloration of injection molded parts. There are many reasons for this. For example, when the polymer is heated too much, the molecular chain will split, and it will be thermally degraded or burned. The phenomenon. Sometimes only some yellow discoloration is seen, which also shows that there has been a slight thermal degradation, and this thermal degradation is not only caused by the burning of the polymer, but also the sleeve in this polymer is a factor. Of course, when dealing with combustion defects, you must know where it appears. If the melt does not show coffee, yellow, or black when the melt is cleaned, then the melt will start to burn after leaving the nozzle. It should be checked. Main diameter, runner, water level and mold design or correct the speed and pressure of injection molding.

If the color appears to be coffee streaks or discoloration during cleaning Energy Saving Plastic injection machine, then the degradation occurs in the barrel and the mouth of the oven. But if you see coffee stripes and silver stripes at the same time, then you need to wonder if there is a problem with moisture. If the position is fixed and the finished part is of the same configuration, then the combustion is from the inspection valve or the end of the furnace. If the color change is dispersed, the degradation occurs in the barrel and the screw.

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