Hollow Plastic Molding Machine Supplier produce surface engineering technology as a system engineering that changes the morphology, chemical composition and structure of solid metal or non-metal surfaces to achieve the desired surface properties.
There are three main categories:
First, the mold surface modification technology uses plasma, laser, electron beam, high-density solar energy and other methods to ion implantation, thereby obtaining surface modification.
Second, the surface coating technology It refers to the use of various methods of surface engineering to prepare a variety of special functional coatings on the surface of the product. The main feature of this technology is its strong applicability. The methods include thermal spraying, electric spark coating, plastic powder coating, vacuum evaporation, sputter coating, ion plating, chemical vapor deposition, molecular beam epitaxy, and ion beam. Synthetic thin mold technology, etc.
Third, composite surface technology Two or more surface treatment methods used in the same workpiece processing, not only can play the various characteristics of various surface treatment technology, but also can show the outstanding effect of combined use.
The first is to pay attention to the surface maintenance of the Plastic Injection Mould, that is, the appearance of the maintenance, can not let the appearance of the mold is damaged, that is, it can not let it corrode, if the appearance is affected, then the quality of the product also has a great impact, so Maintenance of the appearance of the mold is a must.

The second is to clean the injection mold on a regular basis, in order to ensure the hygiene of the mold. For the production of the product, the clean mold produces better products, and this will not cause the mold to be contaminated. Finally, it is necessary to test the parts of the mold to see if the mold has a fault. This is to avoid the failure of the mold and affect the production of the product. Therefore, if the maintenance is done in these aspects, the injection mold can be better. The work of producing products.

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