The energy saving of an injection molding machine can be divided into two parts: one is the power part and the other is the heating part. Throughout the various forms of injection molding machine energy-saving transformation on the market, Servo Energy Saving Plastic injection machine with its high stability and high energy-saving rate is now the most reliable and feasible energy-saving way, while asynchronous servo energy saving not only has a high power saving rate, High stability features appear, and it is still low-cost, low-after-sales service and so on.
Traditional plastic machinery also has certain potential in terms of energy saving, because the previous designs often only focus on the production capacity of a single machine. In the design of Energy Saving Plastic injection machine, production speed is not the most important indicator, the most important indicator is the energy consumption of processing unit weight products. Therefore, the mechanical structure, control mode, and operating process conditions of the equipment must be optimized based on minimum energy consumption.
Asynchronous servo energy-saving series injection molding machine is equipped with high-performance servo variable speed power control system. It makes different frequency output for different pressure flow during molding process of injection molding machine, and performs precise closed-loop control of flow rate to realize asynchronous motor to injection molding. High-speed response and optimal matching and automatic adjustment of machine energy requirements. Moreover, the energy saving rate after servo reforming is determined according to detailed parameters such as the tonnage of the injection molding machine, the power of the motor, and the time of cooling and holding pressure. Generally speaking, the larger the tonnage, the longer the cooling pressure holding time, and the higher the energy saving rate after the transformation. The more electricity you save. The more electricity savings you save.
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