In the previous article, China Plastic Blow Molding Machine Factory mentioned some safety issues about Plastic Injection Moulding Machine. Today we will do some more supplements. Everyone must pay attention to safety when using the blowing machine.

1. When the electromagnetic valve of the blow molding machine encounters an abnormality, it should be cleaned in time (3.5 million cleanings per blow).

2. Blowing molds must be cleaned and polished regularly.

3. When the high and low pressure air supply switch is turned on, it must be slow to prevent the air flow rate from being too fast. The dirt is blown into the solenoid valve, and the exhaust valve is opened for 30 seconds to ensure the air is clean.

4. When starting the machine, you must be sure that the mechanical part is good, there is no inside of the machine, and there is no foreign matter. In particular, shake the position to avoid hurting people. Also close the security door.

5. The motor must be started before starting the machine, and the warmer is started for 30 seconds to prevent voltage fluctuations. Make sure the cooling water is not turned on before starting the warming.

6. After warming up (2-3) minutes, the oven temperature rises evenly, pressing the embryo button. At the same time, the blowing of the bottle should be turned on, otherwise it will not blow.

7. When the machine is running, it is necessary to pay close attention to whether the machine has abnormal noise, to find early detection, and to solve the problem in time.

8. In case of emergency, press the emergency stop button to brake urgently. Then, based on the analysis of the situation on the spot, the problem is solved quickly.

9. After the machine is in normal operation, do not put any part of the body into the machine to avoid injury to the robot. If the machine has abnormal noise, it can be observed after deceleration.

10. After the machine is in normal production, the operator must always observe the quality of the bottle to avoid fluctuations in voltage or other reasons that affect the quality of the bottle.

11. When the machine is being repaired, press the touch screen fault repair button to ensure safe maintenance.

If you need to manually observe the movement of each cavity separately, please pay attention to the position of the robot. At the same time, be sure to understand the role of the individual buttons and then the action. Make sure that malfunctions cause unnecessary trouble.

12. After each repair of the machine, be sure to clean tools and screws, etc., so as not to remain in the machine, affecting the normal operation of the machine.

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