Leakage is a common failure phenomenon in energy saving plastic injection machines. The main cause is leakage if the liquid generates a pressure difference between the hydraulic components and the pipeline and there is a gap between the components. In addition, poor working conditions will also have a certain impact on the sealing of injection molding machines. Once the hydraulic system leaks, it will cause the system pressure to not build up, hydraulic oil leakage will also cause environmental infection, affect production and even produce serious consequences that cannot be predicted. Here are some of the factors that affect the leakage of the injection molding machine hydraulic system to briefly talk about the causes of leakage and countermeasures.

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Leakage classification of high speed Injection Molding Machine

There are mainly two types of leakage in the hydraulic system of the injection molding machine. Leakage at the fixed seal and leakage at the moving seal leak. The leaks at the fixed seal mainly include the bottom of the cylinder and the joints of the various pipe joints. The motion seal mainly includes the cylinder piston rod, Multiple valve stems and other parts. Leakage from the oil can also be divided into external leaks and internal leaks. If the leaking main refers to the leakage of hydraulic oil from the system to the environment, the internal leak is because of the pressure difference between the high and low pressure sides and the failure of seals. The hydraulic oil flows from the high pressure side to the low pressure side within the system.