First, the lifting and disassembly of the High Speed Injection Molding Machine

The small machine is integral and does not need to be disassembled. When lifting, the mold should be adjusted to the minimum mold thickness.

The disassembly and assembly of the large machine will be completed by the large crew of the injection molding machine. If the machine moves again in the Plastic Injection Molding Machine Supplier and there is no crane, it needs to be grounded on the bottom of the machine. Due to the heavier machine, it should be commanded by a hoist with heavy lifting experience. Pay attention to the following items:
(1) Lift the machine with a powerful enough hoist and handler.
(2) If any hanging wire rope is in contact with the machine, put a cloth layer or wooden block between the wire rope and the machine to avoid damage to the machine parts, such as the drawbar of the injection molding machine.
(3) The block or pad of the block can only be removed after the machine has been unloaded and transported.
Second, anti-rust
All mechanical parts exposed to the air, such as the piston rod, tie rods, and the machined surface of the formwork, are coated with a rust inhibitor before leaving the factory. A mixture of bearing surface lubricant and clean hydraulic oil produces a rust-proof film.
Apply rust inhibitor to the parts that are not in contact with the machine to provide protection against corrosion and harsh environments. If necessary, wipe off the rust inhibitor during operation, but disable the solvent and wipe off the rust inhibitor.
Third, the installation environment
Temperature: 0~40°C (ambient ambient temperature during operation); Humidity: 75% or less (relative humidity), no condensation.
Altitude: Below 1000 meters above sea level. When the humidity is too high, the insulation state will be poor, and the parts will age prematurely. Do not install the injection molding machine in a humid environment. Do not install in a place with a lot of dust or a place with high concentration of organic gas or corrosive gas, and keep away from machinery such as welding machines that may cause electrical interference or have a magnetic field.
Fourth, the power supply connects the power cable to the power supply line in the electrical box, which is a three-phase five-wire, the voltage is 380V, and the frequency is 50Hz.
Five, boot adjustment parameters

Sixth, test the model, play the product

High Speed Injection Molding Machine