Automatic PET Bottle Blow Molding Machine is a sort of gear for creating vinyl granules into hollow containers by blow molding procedure. There are two sorts of blow molding machines. One is a one-shot hollow extruding mill with PP and PE, and the other one is using PET. , PC or PP two-shot shot blowing off one-fifth blowing machine. Two-step blow molding machine is commonly utilized in carbonated beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, cosmetic bottles, olive oil bottles, pesticide bottles, large-caliber bottles, high-temperature bottles, along with other packing containers of any contours like PET, PP and other crystalline plastics. There are various kinds of blow molding machines, so they are usually broken up into semi automatic blow molding machines, hand-operated automatic blow molding machines, and Full Automatic PET Bottle Blow Molding Machine.

Semi-automatic blowing machine attributes: 

1 Can dismiss 0.1-5 liters PET jar (one from 2 ), 5L-20L (single cavity) Blowing of 500 

2 ml jar using 2 cavity molds may attain 2000 bottles per hour 

3 Advanced PLC control system, timing management could be precise to 0.01 seconds 

4 Particular air storage apparatus 

5 Using infrared lamp heatingsystem, entering power, the preform spinning, heating, monitor revolution, heating evenly, rapid and reliable 

6 Different heating bulbs are equipped with separate temperature control apparatus to Make Certain That the preform has an Perfect heating effect 

7 The management of this heating lamp could be adjusted in accordance with distinct preforms 

8 Operation is Just One individual, no specific training is required 

9 Installation, start easy 

10 Finished product rejection rate is less than 0.1percent

Automatic blow molding machine Doesn't require manual operation, the output differs versions of 2000-8000 bottles per hour, attributes:
A. Utilizing advanced microcomputer control system, steady functionality;
B. The conveyor sends blanks;
C. Using infrared heating, penetrating power, perform spinning, heating, monitor revolution, heating evenly, reliable and fast;
D. The width and height of the lamps and reflectors from the heating zone could be adjusted to match the warmth of preforms of distinct constructions, and There's an automatic temperature-removal apparatus to ensure the constant temperature of the drying tunnel;
E. Every mechanical motion has a security self-locking device. When a particular procedure fails, the application will automatically change to a secure condition.
F. Each activity is driven by means of an oil pump. It has the benefits of no pollution and reduced sound.
G. The atmosphere circuit layout divides the functioning and air blowing in to three components to Satisfy the needs of distinct pressures for dismissing bottles and motions;
H. High-pressure and double-cylinder linkage locking, powerful clamping force;
I. There are automatic and manual Procedures of operation;
J. The secure and dependable valve place design makes the gasoline path better.
K. the manufacturing process is completely automated, with all the benefits of low cost, higher efficiency, simple operation, easy maintenance, and security.
L.bottle body from contamination
M. cooling system accomplishes the Perfect cooling effect
N. setup, start easy

O. bottle rejection rate is less than 0.1percent